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Dana Romasanta, Registered Massage Therapist

Direct Billing

Direct Billing available

Wouldn't it be nice not to have to deal with the hassle of submitting your massage therapy receipts to your insurer?  For many insured clients, this can be a reality!  I am pleased to offer direct billing to my clients.  If you have massage therapy coverage through any of the following companies you may be eligible for direct billing:

Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

Desjardins Insurance

Great-West Life 

Industrial Alliance

Johnson Inc.

Manulife Financial 

Maximum Benefit or Johnston Group 

Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada

Sun Life Financial


What I need from you...

If you would like me to submit your claim to your insurer on your behalf there are a few things I will need from you.  You may have been issued a card from your insurer, it will have information on it pertaining to your policy.  Each plan is unique in how much of any given treatment they will reimburse for and some plans will pay only a certain percentage of the cost of the treatment.  

  1. Your insurance card that clearly indicates your name, date of birth, policy number, certificate or plan member number and whether you are the insured member or a spouse or dependent thereof.  If you have secondary coverage, ie: additional coverage through your spouse's employment, please bring that information as well.  
  2. You will need to sign a consent form which indicates you acknowledge and agree to me submitting your claim on your behalf and that you consent to me submitting it electronically. 
  3. Full payment for your treatment is required after your massage.  Your claim will submitted to your insurer online, thus eliminating the need to send your receipt to your insurer.  If you have direct deposit established with your insurance company the funds will be sent directly to you, the time frame for this to occur varies.  If you do not have direct deposit with your insurer a cheque will be issued and mailed to you.  Please note I have no bearing on what transpires after your claim is submitted.  Any concerns or discrepancies that does not pertain directly to me, as the servicing provider, must be dealt with by you.