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Dana Romasanta, Registered Massage Therapist

Rates, Payment & Receipts

Rates for treatments, accepted methods of payment & receipts



30 Minutes ~ $50

45 Minutes ~ $65

60 Minutes ~ $80

75 Minutes ~ $100

90 Minutes ~ $120

120 Minutes ~ $160


For Seniors (65 years or better)

30 Minutes ~  $40

45 Minutes ~ $55

60 Minutes ~ $70

90 Minutes ~ $110


All prices include GST


Payment Methods

Accepted forms of payment include cash, personal cheque, E-Transfer, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.



A printed receipt will be issued for all treatments, it will include your name, the date, the duration and the cost of your treatment.  It will also include any information that is pertinent to your insurer.  Please note that receipts are made out only to the person who is receiving the treatment and cannot be predated or post-dated.  Should you require a duplicate of your receipt in case of loss, it will be clearly indicated that it is a duplicate.



It is not necessary or expected to include a gratuity when you pay for your treatment.  If you were happy with your treatment please tell your family and friends in lieu of a gratuity.